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The Adio Pirates are the pirate crew originated from North Blue, led by its eccentric captain, Romano Frienze. The theme of the pirates are referenced to the cross between 15th Century Italian renaissance and medieval Romanian gypsies. Other notable influence is from the video game Assassin's Creed.


Captain: Romano Frienze First Mate: Gonzales Veritto Assassin: Ferrori Andrea Second Assassin: Mulciano Diaz Navigator: Blanca Shipwright: Rivero Calin Chef: Adriano Joseph


The Adio pirates had the same goal as the other pirates of Grand Line: to find the infamous One Piece left by the late pirate king, Gol D. Roger. The pirate crew had been recently formed by the enigmatic Romano Frienze, a former noble in Goa Kingdom and so far, the crew did not do anything except to con the marines by posing as a fortune telling house.


The crew had only two devil fruit users while the rest relies on their physical weapons. The mentioned members are Gonzales Veritto and Blanca. The overall theme for the pirates is based on Italian Renaissance in the 15th Century.

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