Age 15-19
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Pirate, Entertainer
Bounty 100,000,000
Birthdate May 27th
Crew Lovely Demonic Neko's
Dream To meet a nice guy who loves her for her, To become the best Entertainer on a ship.


Ai has short Red hair and brown eyes. Sometimes she wears different colored contacts to look different. Ai wears a short Red and white striped shirt that is above her belly button. Ai wears short brown cutoff pants. Ai normally doesn't wear hat's unless she's disguseing herself to look different. Ai wears different color bandana's around her neck. Ai wears flipflops for shoes.

- TimeSkip -:

Ai has short brownish orange hair. (look at the photo of her now).


Ai is Mishchevious, Prankster, and kinda bitchy but deep inside she has a kind and caring heart. She is very protective even if she doesn't show it. Ai doesn't take any S from anyone and her punches are very strong without her eating the devil fruit. Ai is flurtious but always stays true to her heart.

- TimeSkip -:

Ai is still the same as she was a little but she has changed. She loves to fight.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ai is a great prankster, with Ai's looks she can make any guy stop in there tracks. She is super strong.


Nami: some people say Ai is just like Nami or they are sisters and they just dont know it. Well yes they are sisters and they dont know it. Ai has been searching for her.


  • Ai is a Gemini
  • Ai is known as The Lovely Demonic Angel.
  • Ai (愛藍) means Love. Ayama (阿山) means A Mountain. Her full name means "A Mountain of Love"


  • "I'm the lovely demonic angel...*laughs* and i'm your worst nightmare!"
  • "I'm a pirate and thats means i'm WAY cooler then you are!"
  • " *chuckles* Sure, i'm a little girl but i pack a serious punch! "

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