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Swordsman by zero position art-d3eh7yh
Age: 33 (pre-time skip) 35` (post-time skip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: B+
Birthdate: 28 May
Height: 6ft 8
Weight: 105kgs
Island of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: MArine, Pirate (secretly)
Epithet: The Blood God
Crew: The Akuma Pirates (secretly)
Position: Commandore, Pirate Captain (secretly)
Family: None known

Current rank: Commandore

1st rank: Master Chief Petty Officer

Reason : Proved to be skilled enough to gain the promotion

2nd rank: Lieutenant

Reason : "Captured" a notorious Pirate Crew

3rd rank: Commandore

Reason : Unknown

Dream: To bathe in the blood of all
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Akuma is a tall well built marine commandore with black hair with blood red highlights, his body is covered in tribal tattoos going all the way up to his shoulders. His body is also covered in scars numbering in the hundreds. He wears a tattered Marine Officer's jacket which is ripped and stained with blood. He also carries a demonic looking sabre on his right side indicating he's a left handed fighter but has been seen weilding his balde with his right hand aswell.

After the time skip Akuma's appearence hasn't changed other than his left eye is white (from injuries sustained by Zero and Nova).

In his pirate attire he wears a chinese themed outfit with dragon motifs on the belt, shoulders and boots. He also carries a giant sword with a dragon's head guard and a uniquely designed blade.

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