Alpha D is recruited by Dorsalo on Horseshoe Island as the crew's navigator. He also serves as an entertainer, performing dances for the crew on occasion.


Alpha D is tall and tan. He has a blue afro.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Alpha D fights primarily through dance moves.

Foxtrot Kick: Alpha D kicks while dancing

Painful Shuffle: While dancing, Alpha D unleashes a variety of attacks

Arcrobatic Attack: Alpha D flies through the air to attack

Up Tempo: causes Alpha D to move faster

Up Tempo Shuffle: The shuffle move, but much faster

Up Tempo Disarm: disarms the opponent with lightning speed

Up Tempo Dodge: a speedy dodge

History Before the Timeskip (1522 AOP)Edit

Take a Gamble

Major BattlesEdit

Alpha D vs. Dorsalo

Alpha D vs. Buza

Alpha D, Dorsalo, and Swamp Fox vs. Yee Ho

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