alpharess D luke

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Age: 32

Species: human
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: 5'4
Weight: 4'2
Island of Origin: west blue
Occupation: pirate

Epithet: "touch of death"

Crew: none
Position: none
Family: 2 sisters 1 brother and a niece
Current Bounty: 400,000,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: 150,000,000

Reason: killing 300 marines by just touching them

2nd bounty: 300,000,000

reason: defeating vice admiral dalmation

3rd bounty: 400,000,000

reason: escaping from impel down after being there for 5 days

Dream: to reach the new world
Page created by: highestbounty123


alpharess D luke is the older brother of alpharess D ivan he is a lone pirate that left his village when he was 20 to become a pirate and join a crew but unfortanatly he couldnt join a crew because of his devil fruit power of draining life out whoever he touches


luke covers his entire upper body with bandages and reveales both of his eyes he wears a black pirate coat on his back and wears black pants with black shoes


luke has a quite personality because he was never able of joining a crew yet his still a carfree guy who likes to laugh and drink sake he is mostly serious most of the time and doesnt talk with anyone he is always aware of people who are looking at him because they know of hes ability he also doesnt care of what people think of him he isnt a mean person yet he doesnt like being treated like a freak by others

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

luke knows martial arts and has a great advantage with his devil fruit power

Physical StrengthEdit

luke is as powerfull as his brother


lukes speed is superhuman


luke has endured great pain from many attacks when he escaped impel down

Devil FruitEdit

drain drain fruit

Type, paramecia

Usage the users skin becomes a life draining weapon he can drain the life of an ordinary person in an instant and heal his own wounds but it takes him two minutes to drain it from a powerfull person and five minutes to drain from a devil fruit user the user has side effects he cant controll his draining ability becuase it works automatically the user can also drain life from anything else he can drain life from trees and plants


luke has no relationships with anyone because people fear his devil fruit power but he has a bond with his brother


when luke was little he always wanted to become a pirate and when he was 20 he left his village to join a pirate crew but unfortanatly no crew accepted him because of his devil fruit power he then was lone pirate and got a high bounty by himself when he heard about the younku and the new world he then decided to travel to the new world by himself

Major BattlesEdit

nonw yet


  • "touch me and your dead!"
  • "which do you choose life or death?"

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