Pirate Crew Name
Alpharess Pirates
Main Ship: "Laughing Reggie"
Captain: Alpharess D Ivan
Total Bounty: 2,200,500,035

the Alpharess Pirates are a pirate crew that was gathered by Alpharess D Ivan, they are sailing the grand line and they all care about each other as if they were a real family cause most of the crew members didnt have any families when the joined, Despite not all the crew members having greta strength they are still considered a great threat to the world goverment.

Jolly RogerEdit

the crews jolly roger is a skull with bandags covering its face but not its mouth or left eye t

the alpharess pirates jolly roger

he left eye is completely red in has an angry look it has 4 crosbones shaped like ivans scar on his left eye a star with 8 sides

Crew MembersEdit

Alpharess D. Ivan

Mr Bill

Armed Jackie

Wolver D. Kronen


Moran Maji





Alpharess D. Susan


Zenaku "Naga" Shibishi

Kambora Fogmist

Densetsu Kron

Crew StrengthEdit

the alpharess pirates are a powerfull crew they were able of slowing down a buster call fleet and defeat marine captains they have also declared war against the world goverment


Each memeber is proud of his bounty and hopes to make it higher except for mr bill

Alpharess D Ivan: 550,000,000

Mr Bill: 35

Armed Jackie: 67,000,000

Wolver D Kronen: 123,000,000

Orora: 20,000,000

Moran Maji: 45,000,000

Nomako: 142,000,000

Norm: 78,000,000

Cleo: 19,000,000

Dante: 200,000,000

Diablo: 392,000,000

Alpharess D Susan: 150,000,000

Zenaku "Naga" Shibishi: 90,000,000

Kambora Fogmist: 300,000,000

Densetsu Kron: 245,000,000

Relationships amongst the CrewEdit

every crew member has his own different relationships with each other they sometimes disagree with each other but work things out at the end they are all ready to die for each other


every member has his own dream that he wants to come true on there journey and all have one united dream to sail the grand line


the crew was gathered by alpharess D ivan after 2 years of becoming stronger the crew was gathered every one at a time they agreed to join ivan to make there dreams come true


the crews biggest crime and event that declared there bounties was trying to slow down the buster call that was targeted at an island were the villagers help them they knew they couldnt stop the buster call so they decicded to try and slow down the marine battleships while the villagers escape the island at the end the villagers were able to escape the island before it was destroyed and the crew was also able to escape the island and be known as a threat to the goverment


The name Alpharess means "The Knight" in arabic so the Alpharess pirates can also be called The Knight Pirates yet they were not called that before by anyone yet

The Alpharess Pirates theme song is welcome to the family by avenged sevenfold thumb|300px|right|Alpharess Pirates theme song

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