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Japanese Name: アンソニー
Romanized Name: Ansonī
English Name: Anthony
Debut: Father and Son Reunite! Challenges in Konomi
Affiliations: Demon Clan; Gin Followers (Former)
Occupations: Assassin; Bounty Hunter
Epithet: Iron Giant (アイアン·ジャイアント Aian Jaianto?)
Age: 25 (Debut)
27 (after timeskip)
Status: Alive
Birthday: June 21st
Height: 190.5cm (6'3")
Bounty: Bsymbol10180,000,000
Japanese VA: Toshiyuki Morikawa
4Kids English VA: Crispin Freeman
Funi English VA: Steven Blum
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Taberu Taberu no Mi
English Name: Eat-Eat Fruit
Meaning: Feasting
Type: Paramecia

Anthony is a member Gin Follower, later becoming a member of the Demon Clan. The only reason he joined was that his friend Alex Blud decide to join. He possesses the Mark of the Demon on his left shoulder.


He wears an all black look. Black shirt, pants, and shoes. He also has a ring on his left ring finger.

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