(Jack and Dorsalo are sailing along in the Red Dagger)

Dorsalo: It's been almost a week and we're running out of food.

Jack: Patience, patience.

Dorsalo: You've been saying that to me for the past week.

Jack: Patience, patience.

Dorsalo: I just wish you would say something else for a change!

Jack: Land ho!

Dorsalo: Wait, seriously?

Jack: Yeah look.

(Apueblo Island appears on the horizon. It is an island primarily covered in desert)

Dorsalo: Looks pretty barren. I hope we can find some food.

Jack: Well it's better than nothing. (Jack and Dorsalo get out of the dinghy and pull it onto the beach)

Jack: Let's go exploring!

Dorsalo: It's kinda hot.

Jack: Ehh it's not that bad.

Dorsalo: Yeah but I spent two years on Arctic Island.

Jack: Well then maybe this will help. Ondo Ondo no Decrease. (the temperature around Jack and Dorsalo gets cooler)

Dorsalo: Whoah that feels good. So your Devil Fruit power allows you to control temperaure?

Jack: That it does. And I also use it when fighting. Ondo Ondo no Decrease. (nothing appears to happen)

Dorsalo: What did you do that time?

Jack: Feel my sword. (Jack draws his sword. Dorsalo touches the blade and immediately recoils)

Dorsalo: It's cold!

Jack: Yup, and a really cold weapon works just as well as a really hot weapon.

Dorsalo: Look! There are people coming towards us! (several dots appear on the horizon)

Jack: I guess it's time for me to demonstrate how my cold attacks work. Get ready to be impressed.


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