(On Apueblo Island, in the middle of the desert)

Dorsalo: How many of them are there?

Jack: Who cares, get ready for this. Ondo Ondo no Frostbite! (he swings his sword, causing a wave of cold air to cleave through several blurs on the horizon!)

Jack: Got 'em!

Dorsalo: Wait a sec, where'd they go? (there is no trace of the mysterious figures)

Jack: Look, over there! (several other shadowy figures appear on the horizon)

Dorsalo: Wait!

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Frostbite! (the figures mysteriously disappear)

Dorsalo: They're mirages!

Jack: They look real to me. (he takes off running)

Dorsalo: Oh boy. (he runs after Jack)

Jack: Come back here you bastards! Get over here you cowards.

Dorsalo: I'm telling you, they're not real! (an arrow comes out of nowhere and lands near Jack's foot. He picks it up and pokes Dorsalo with it jokingly)

Jack: You call this fake?

Dorsalo: Uhhhhhhhhhh (several warriors with bows drawn appear, surrounding them)

???: You there, lay down your weapons at once!

Dorsalo: He's talking to you

???: You too Pinocchio!

Jack: Ha, that's actually a good one.

Dorsalo: Who the hell are you calling Pinnochio! I'll kill you.

Jack: Whoah calm down.

???: I told you to drop your weapons. You Yellow Bandits will never fool us!

Jack: Who are you? And who are the Yellow Bandits?

???: You may call me the Chief. I am the leader of the Apueblo Tribe.

Jack: Oh, well we're the Swashbuckling Pirates.

Dorsalo: Don't just tell people that!

Chief: Hmm you do not seem like Yellow Bandits and you do not seem like pirates. Come with us back to our village so we can get to know each other a little better.

Jack: Sounds good.


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