(a small village on Apueblo Island in the middle of the desert)

Jack: Some place you got here, Chief.

Chief: Apueblo Island has been our home for centuries. We are accustomed to living in the desert.

Dorsalo: So who are these Yellow Bandits you keep mentioning?

Chief: The Yellow Bandits are our mortal enemies. They came here a few years ago seeking territory. We have been at war with them ever since.

Jack: Sounds like a bunch of punks. Although you guys are kinda rough yourselves. Almost shooting me in the foot and all........

Chief: I appologize for our actions. We were almost certain that you were a threat to us.

Jack: I mean we could be a threat, we're no pushovers.

Dorsalo: What my rash friend is trying to say is that we mean you no harm, even though we are quite strong.

Chief: I understand.

Jack: Rash? Who are you calling rash? You're the one with a rash, Dorsalo. (he points to a red mark on Dorsalo's neck)

Dorsalo: Hmmm that's weird. I didn't think it was possible for me to get sunburned.

Chief (concerned): I hope that isn't what i think it is.

Jack: What do you mean by that?

Chief: Our village is currently struggling with a disease that has claimed many of our tribe members. It begins with a rash, and also causes sneezing and a high fever.

Dorsalo: (acho) (acho) Well this sucks. And waht do you mean "claimed"?

Chief: No one has died this time, thankfully.

Jack: This time?

Chief: About seven years ago a similar disease swept the village. Fortunately, our chief medic, Swamp Fox, was able to develop a cure.

Jack: Well let's call this Swamp Fox and have him take a look at Dorsalo.

Chief: Here he comes now. (a tan boy with a mohawk walks towards them)

Swamp Fox: Greetings, Chief. Who are our visitors.

Chief: They call themselves pirates, but mean us no harm. I believe one of them has caught fever.

Swamp Fox: Let me have a look. (he exams Dorsalo's rash)

Swamp Fox: I'd say you've got it. Why don't you come to the infirmary with me.

Dorsalo: That would be nice. It's much to hot out here anyways.

Jack: Dude you have a fever. Leave the foraging to me and get some rest.

Dorsalo: Oh okay, later.

Chief: We should be able to provide you with food before your departure.

Jack: Thanks, we were kinda screwed otherwise. (a horn sounds off in the distance)

Chief (nervous: However, if you could help us with something, that would be appreciated.

Jack: Okay sure. Help you with what? (the horn sounds again)

Chief: The Yellow Bandits are approaching. I think they intend to invade. Are you ready for a fight? (Jack draws his two swords)

Jack: Always.


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