(Apueblo Village)

Chief: Here they come! (several men dressed in yellow run towards them holding guns)

Bandit: Are you ready to surrender your land?

Chief: Never! We will never give our land to the likes of you.

Bandit: Then I guess we'll destroy your village so that you're forced to moved. Get 'em, boys.

Jack: Uhhh, Chief? We're gonna need some backup.

Chief (draws a huge axe): Not necessary. I think the two of us can handle them.

Jack: A team up? Sweet. Try not to get in my way Chiefy! Ondo Ono no Decrease. (Jack runs towards the bandits)

Chief: I'm right behind you!

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Frostbite!

Chief: Giant Axe! (many of the bandits are defeated)

Bandit: Freeze! (he is pointing a gun at Chief's head)

Chief: Go ahead, shoot me.

Jack: Dude, I don't think you should be telling him to do that.

Bandit: Your days as chief are numbered. Any last words?

Chief: I have no regrets.

Bandit: Neither do I. (he fires the gun. Jack leaps in at the last moment and cuts the bullet in half with his sword.)

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Icicle! (Jack stabs the bandit with his freezing cold blade)

Chief: Th-thank you for saving me.

Jack: Ha! No problem. As if I'd let some crappy bandit kill you.

Chief: We should probably find you a place to stay. Since your friend is sick.

(in a hut in Apueblo Village)

Jack: So these bandit bastards keep coming back, huh?

Chief: Yep. Many lives have been claimed in this pointless struggle.

Jack: Have you ever thought about going on the offensive?

Chief: What do you mean?

Jack: Shouldn't we attack the Yellow Bandits for a change?

Chief: I never really thought about that. My first and most important objective as chief is to defend our lands.

Jack: Yeah, but what if I led the attack? You could still be here with your tribe. (Swamp Fox comes in)

Chief: What is it Swamp Fox?

Swamp Fox: I came to inform you that I have administered my medicine to Dorsalo. He will make a full recovery.

Jack: Nice! He's my first mate you know. And only mate.

Swamp Fox: Sorry, I couldn't help but overhearing your conversation. If you need some backup, I could come with you Jack. I'm not half bad with my bow.

Chief: Are you sure you should be leaving your patients?

Swamp Fox: I have given my assistant the antidote, so everything should be fine.

Jack: Cool! I could use a wingman. Especially since my curent wingman flew the coop.

Chief: I'll leave you two to discuss your strategy. (he leaves)

Swamp Fox: Now......Let's talk battle plans.


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