(that night, at Yellow Bandit base camp)

Yellow Jacket: Where is my meat?

Bandit 1: Right here, boss.

Yellow Jacket: Give it to me! (Bandit 1 hands him some meat)

Yellow Jacket: So how did the raid go?

Bandit 2: It was unsuccessful.

Yellow Jacket: WHAT? What do you mean unsuccessful? I sent the majority of our troops on that invasion. Where are they?

Bandit 2: Bruised and battered, but still alive. They were defeated by the Chief and a newcomer?

Yellow Jacket: Newcomer?

Bandit 3: Yeah it was strange. Once we got near him, it got colder. It was like he could control the temperature.

Yellow Jacket: Control the temperature huh.........Now that's interesting. Sounds like a Devil Fruit Power to me.

Bandit 2: Devil Fruit?

Yellow Jacket: Yeah. Those who eat Devil Fruit powers gaine extrordinary abilities, but they lose the ability to swim.

Bandit 1: Sounds nice.....I don't like the water anyways.

Tribesman 1: WAHOOOO

Yellow Jacket: What was that?

Bandit 3: It came from over there (he points into the shadows) Come on, let's go investigate. (Bandits 1, 2, and 3 go to investgate:

Tribesman 2(from the other side of camp): WAHOOO

Yellow Jacket: You're going the wrong way you idiots!

Tribesman 1: WAHOOO

Bandit 1: Wait a minute! We were right!

Tribesman 2: WAHOOO

Yellow Jacket: No you moron! I'm right.

Swamp Fox: WAHOO

Bandit 2: You're both wrong!

Jack: WAHOOO WAHOOO Heheh this is fun!

Swamp Fox: Shut up you idiot!

Bandit 3: I hear voices! (He runs over to where Swamp Fox and Jack are hiding)

Spamp Fox: Apache Arrow! (Bandit 3 gets hit by an arrow)

Yellow Jacket: They're behind that cactus! Get them!

Swamp Fox: Apache Barrage! (several arrows take out the bandits)

Yellow Jacket: What's going on here? (he runs towards the cactus)

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Frostbite! (Yellow Jacket gets knocked back)

Yellow Jacket: That must be the Devil Fruit user. (Jack steps out from behind the cactus)

Jack: You rang?

Yellow Jacket: So you're the one that's been helping the Apueblos. I think it's time you learn why I'm called Yellow Jacket.

Jack: I thought it was because of th(e coordination in your black and yellow outfit.

Yellow Jacket: WROOOONG! (Yellow Jacket transforms into a giant bee) I ate the Hachi Hachi no Mi which allows me to become a bee!

Jack: You just became Dr. Suess there with that rhyme scheme.

Yellow Jacket: Shut up! (which now just sounds like "buz buzz")

Jack: Heh?

Yellow Jacket: I'm sick and tired of your insolence! Yellow Bandits, attack!

Swamp Fox: I'll handle the minions. You get the bee!

Jack: That's hardly fair, but alright.

Bandit 1: Attack! (he charges at Jack)

Swamp Fox: I don't think so. Apache Fist! (Swamp Fox shoots an arrow with a boxing glove at Bandit 1)

Jack: Thanks, Fox! (he turns to Yellow Jacket) Now for you.

Yellow Jacket: As I buzz saying....... Prepare to die! Hachi Hachi no Stinger! (YJ launches his stinger at Jack, who dodges out of the way just in time)

Jack: Whoah! You can shoot that thing?

Yellow Jacket: My stinger contains some venombuzz poison. One hit and you'll be a goner.

Jack: Well I'll just stay over here then. Ondo Ondo no Frostbite! (a wave of cold air travels towards Yellow Jacket, but the desert air carries it away)

Jack: That's weird, Ondo Ondo no Frostbite! (the same thing happens)

Yellow Jacket: We're in a desert you fool! Cold air won't work from a distance! Hachi Hachi no Drill Stinger (YJ flies towards Jack, his stinger spinning rapidly)

Jack: Oh shoot, I guess I'll have to break a sweat. Ondo Ondo no Giant Increase! (it gets REALLY hot)

Yellow: It's too late for you! Hachi Hachi no Drill Release! (the spinning stinger flies towards Jack)

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Flame Wall! (Jack's sword releases a wall of heat, causing the stinger to rebound back at Yellow Jacket)



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