(the Yellow Bandit's base camp)

Swamp Fox: I think you beat him.

Jack: Yes, he looks rather beat.

Yellow Jacket: bleh...................

Swamp Fox: Now you've defeated someone with a bounty, this is probably a big step for you.

Jack: This joker has a bounty?

Swamp Fox: 5 million beli, which means you'll probably get a bounty that's equal or higher.

Jack: Nice! I'm on my way to becoming an infamous pirate.

Swamp Fox: So right now your crew is just you and that Fishman?

Jack: At the moment.......yeah.

Swamp Fox: Then how about I join you guys. I could be your doctor, and I'm a pretty good sniper too.

Jack: Alright, you're in.

Swamp Fox: Nice! We should probably start heading back to Apueblo Village. (they start walking off)

Jack: So are you sure you won't miss your family while you're a part of our crew?

Swamp Fox: My parents died in a plague when I was young. That's what inspired me to become a doctor. And look, thanks to my medicine, no one has died this time.

Jack: And I see you picked up a little archery along the way.

Swamp Fox: My father gave me my first bow when I was seven. We used to go out every morning and do target practice. I miss those days.

Jack: Well I'm sure you'll form some fond memories during our journey.

Swamp Fox: Yeah I always wanted to go on an adventure.

(they reach Apueblo Village, where Dorsalo and the Chief await them)

Dorsalo: I've made a full recovery, captain. I'm ready for action.

Jack: Uhhh sorry do disappoint but Swamp Fox and I have taken care of all the action.

Dorsalo: WHAT? Really?

Jack: Yeah I beat the Yellow Bandit's leader pretty badly. I don't think he'll mess with you guys for awhile.

Chief: That's great news Jack! Thank you so much for helping us.

Jack: yeah.....You wouldn't mind repaying us with some food....would you?

Chief: I will have my men bring some provisions right away. I take it you all are leaving soon.

Jack: Yup we're outta here. If that's okay with you Swamp Fox.

Swamp Fox: Yeah, I just need to visit the infirmary one last time so I can give some of my medicine to my assistant.

Jack: Let's meet back here in half an hour.

Dorsalo: Sounds good.

(30 minutes later)

Chief (holding several bags of food): Here you are. I hope you all have a safe journey.

Jack: Safe? I'm more of a risk taker myself. But seeya Chief! (The Swashbuckling Pirates depart)

Swamp Fox: I'm gonna miss this place. (they climb into the Red Dagger and sail off)

Dorsalo: We should get a real ship if we're going to keep adding crew members. We also need a good navigator.

Jack: Yeah yeah yeah. We will soon.

Swamp Fox: So where is our next destination?

Jack: Wherever the wind blows.

Swamp Fox (thoughts): What did I get myself into?


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