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Arashi Kishi Swordsman


The Arashi Kishi Swordsman are a leauge of swordsman specializing in natural weather related fighting styles. they are also given code names there is a total of 14


The Arashi Kishi Symbol Represents a Peacok and the feather show the Natural elemments of Arashi Kishi


The Arashi Kishi are listed by rank.

  • Rex/Black Sunshine, Arashi Kishi of Sunlight
  • Boruto/Gold Nugget, Arashi Kishi of Thunder
  • Tosho/Ice Man, Arashi Kishi of Hail
  • Alejandro/Control, Arashi Kishi of Cloud
  • Masayoshi/Big Sapphire, Arashi Kishi of Rain
  • Tora/Wild Charge, Arashi Kishi of Lightning
  • King D. Cobra/Gone, Arashi Kishi of Metorite
  • Drake/Copper, Arashi Kishi of Warm
  • Yorokobi/Sky Knight, Arashi Kishi of Tornadoes
  • Alexander/Red Spilling, Arashi Kishi of Mist
  • Teddy/Stronger, Arashi Kishi of Wind
  • Daisuke/Almighty, Arashi Kishi of Typhoon
  • Yukan/Psycho, Arashi Kishi of Mirage
  • Shi/Chaos, Arashi Kishi of Eye of Storm

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