(North Blue, Arctic Island: a cold barren place filled with snow and ice)

Jack: Brrrrrrrrrr why is it so cold?

Jack: This should fix things, Ondo Ondo no Increase! (the temperature around Jack gets warmer)

Jack: Ahhh that's better. Now what is this?

(A mansion looms in the distance, several guards and slaves stand nearby)

Jack: Hmmmm I believe some eavesdropping is in order...

Guard 1: Why did we even get this job in the first place? It's always freezing.

Guard 2: I don't even know. I was never really one to question orders.

Slave: You think you're cold? Try wearing this jumpsuit instead of one of your nice warm coats.

Guard 1: Shut up, no one asked you anyways. (Guard 1 begins hitting the slave with an electric spear, causing the slave to fall to the ground)

Guard 1: Maybe that will help you keep your mouth shut. (The two guards walk away. Jack goes up to the slave)

Jack: Yo, you dead?

Slave: mmmmmmmmmmmm. It's warm. (the slave falls asleep)

Jack: You like it? It's a little gift of mine. (He notices the slave is a fishman, half swordfish, half human)

Jack: Let's get you out of the cold. (Jack carries the slave to a nearby cave)

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Increase! (the temperature gets even warmer and the slave wakes up)

Slave: Wow it's hot. Like I'm actually sweating right now.

Jack: Ha, sorry, but I like it nice and toasty on a cold day. You gotta name?

Slave: It's Dorsalo. You?

Jack: I'm Jack Gamble. How'd you end up on this rock?

Dorsalo: It's a long story, like a really long story.

Jack: I'm in no rush. Although I'd like to start a pirate crew and sail the Grand Line. Maybe even find One Piece. Who knows at this point though.

Dorsalo: A pirate huh? Well I have a feeling you'll enjoy my story.

Jack: Sweet, let's hear it!


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