(a cave on Arctic Island)

Jack: It's heads, you've got to join my crew now.

Dorsalo: I told you, my mind is already made up.

Jack: So what's your decision?

Dorsalo: I'll join you. I'm a pretty decent swordsman, although my only weapon right now is my nose. The Celestial Dragons took my weapons years ago.

Jack: Well I guess we could be co-captains, since you were once a captain yourself.

Dorsalo: The last time I was a miserable failure. I would prefer to be your subordinate.

Jack: Fair enough. Well I guess you'll be okay with the name I thought up of.

Dorsalo: For the crew? Let's hear it.

Jack: The Swashbuckling Pirates! Sounds adventurous, no?

Dorsalo: It'll do. So where's your ship.

Jack: Uhhhhhh it's not exactly a ship, but I'll take you to it now, if you wish.

Dorsalo: I am ready. (Jack and Dorsalo get up and leave the cave. Several guards await them outside)

Head Guard: Thought you could get away without us noticing, huh?

Jack: Time to show you some of my moves, Dorsalo. Stay out of my way.

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Increase (The area around Jack gets very very hot, Dorsalo backs up)

Head Guard: What are you trying to do? Get him, boys!

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Heat Wave (Jack swings his sword and hits a several guards with a wave of hot air.

Head Guard: He's got a Devil Fruit Power, get him!

Jack: Ondo Ondo no Heat Wave (several more guards bite the dust)

Head Guard: Take this! (Head Guard lunges towards Jack)

Dorsalo: Oh no you don't, Swordfish Strike (Dorsalo stabs Head Guard with his nose, defeating him)

Jack: Whoah, nice one there. I see that nose of yours comes in handy.

Dorsalo: Come on, let's get out of here before they regroup (Jack and Dorsalo run off. They eventually reach the coast where a small dinghy is tied off to a rock)

Dorsalo: So where' your vessel? You do have one, right?

Jack: You're looking right at it. (he walks over to the dinghy) I like to call it the Red Dagger.

Dorsalo: You've got to be kidding me.

Jack: In order to buy a ship you need loot, and in order to get loot, you need a crew to plunder with.

Dorsalo: Well I suppose you've got a crew now.

Jack: So now let's go find some loot!

Dorsalo: I hope I won't end up regretting this. (Jack and Dorsalo get in the dinghy, untie it, and raise the sails.

Jack: Here's to the Swashbuckling Pirates!

Dorsalo: Here's to I hope we actually get somewhere in this crappy boat.


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