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Baka Baka no Mi

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Japanese Name: ばかばかの実
English Name: Idiot-Idiot Fruit
Meaning: Idiot
Type: Paramecia
Power: Fires beams that cause stupidity.
Eaten By:



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Baka Baka no Mi (lit. Idiot Idiot Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to create beams that causes anyone to become stupid temporary and record their knowledge into himself. It was eaten by Leader.

Appearance Edit

The Baka Baka no Mi looks like a giant silver cherry with with yellow swirls.

Usage Edit

Strengths Edit

The major strength of the fruit, as demonstrated by Leader, is that it gives its user the ability to generate and emit beams of "Bakaho Photons."

Weaknesses Edit

The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. The major weakness of the fruit's powers is that the user is not immune to the effects of his/her own photons and will become an idiot when exposed to them.


  • Baka Baka Beam: Leader's main attack wherein he shoots a beam of Bakaho photons at his target, causing them to be utterly stupid for 10 seconds. Depending on the level of intelligence that the affected living being is, the target will have swirly symbols spinning on their heads as well as stars above them. This facial expression normally express the person's state of confusion in anime and manga. Sometimes, for some strange reason, the affected person will hit themselves out of confusion. In order for Leader to activate this attack, he must hold up his hand up, extending his index finger and thumb perpendicularly, resembling the letter, L, or the symbol for loser. He can also shoot this beam from each hand or combine both of his hands to increase the range of his beam.
  • Baka Baka Overload:
  • Sleep:
  • I-Forgot Saber: Using a steel sword hilt as a base, Leader forms an extendable whip like sword made of his Bakaho photons. The sword resembles a lightsaber in appearance. This weapon can create the same effect on the opponent as a Baka Baka Beam. However instead of merely stupifying a person, it can cause parts of their body to stop functioning. Once the bladewhip hits a body part, it will forget its command from the affected person's brain for 10 seconds.
  • Mistake Knife:
  • Disable:
  • Amnesia Shock:
  • Brain Pause:

Trivia Edit

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