Barataria Kingdom is a desert kingdom in the Grand Line. It is the island of origin of Sebastian Harper. This island is not very well known, and often considered a myth.


The island is fairly large and made primarily of desert. Villages and towns are scattered around the island with the large capital. Most of the towns are located near an oasis. There is a small lake and river flowing east in the northern part of the island. The capital is located southeast of the lake and south of the river, using both as harbors.


The island's government is a monarchy, with a royal family, all with very large hearts. The first king found it sad that there were people less fortunate than he, and in an outrageous act of kindness he decreed that everyone be promoted to the highest positions in life. Every soldier became a general, every sailor an admiral, ect. and everyone had all the finest and rarest posessions. Everything was made of silver and gold and everyone wore silks and satins. This tradition has been passed on every generation since its beginning. Though the island is not well known, they are members of the World Governement.


Barataria is a fairly wealthy kingdom, as one of the rules of the kingdom is that every citizen be promoted to the highest rank of life and highest position in their jobs. Because of this, everyone is born in the upper class. The only true division of birth rights would be if one were born into nobility, which would only grant them the title of noble.


  • Barataria is based on the fictional island awarded by some nobleman to Sancho Panza as a prank in Cervantes' Don Quixote.
  • The government was inspired by the story Don Alhambra told in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gonoldiers.

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