He was born without ever knowing his parents due to them dying in a shipwreck. He was abandoned on an island and he learned to trust no one except for himself after someone he thought was going to rescue him only wanted to make him his slave. At the age of 18, he sailed away from the island on a makeshift raft carrying a basket of food which included a devil fruit. After consuming the devil fruit he found out that he could project waves of dark energy which he could make into makeshift weapons. He used these powers to form his own pirate crew, the Maruders. He now plans to use his power to kill every human on earth so that no one could trick him again.


He has been described as handsome by some even though the chance to see him without his mask on is a million to one. He wears his har short and combed unlike his crew and wears dark clothing that blend in with his devil fruit power.

Devil FruitEdit


Name- Beltz Fruit

abilities-allows the user to make dark energy which can be project as beam or be made into weapons much like a green lanterns ring except black. 02:16, May 25, 2011 (UTC) Justin -Opis34

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