black D croke

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Age: 36

Species: human
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: 6'6
Weight: 5'6
island of Origin: ???

epithet:"the white devil"

Position: ???
Family: dead
Current Bounty:???

Bounty History

1st Bounty: ???


Dream: to end the pirate era and kill all the pirates in the world
Page created by: highestbounty123


black D croke is a man who apears at the marine headquarters and meets with sengoku no one knowns why but some think croke is friend of sengoku that comes to visit him but some say that he is sent on secret missions to kill or stop pirates neither way croke is a mystery he ate the mythical zoan type fruit the bird bird fruit model roc which turns into a giant white bird bigger than a giant


croke wears a black cloak around him and a black outfit under it he is wearing an eye patch on his right eye he has white hair and red eyes


croke has a very dark pesonality he laughs at his enemies death and always shows an evil smile on his face once someone attacks him he doesnt hesitate to kill him its said that he can destroy an entire fleet of pirate and not leave a single trace of the ship or the crew

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

from whats known about croke is that he can kill a man with one punch

Physical StrengthEdit

crokes strength is beyond garps even when hes human he can easely punch threw steel and doesnt feel pain at all


croke is extremely fast that when he is attacked by an enemy he disapeares and apears infront of his enemy after the attack


its unknown if croke can endure the pain caused by an attack because its pronounced rare that he bleeds

Devil FruitEdit

bird bird fruit model roc

Summary, unknown

Type, mythical zoan

Usage, the user is able of transforming into a giant white bird bigger than a giant and when the user is hybrid he can change his size from normal human size to the size of a giant


only has Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King but doesnt use it much


croke has no relationships with anyone at all he only walks to sengoku with an evil smile on his face without even saying a word


only little is known about croke is that when he was six he saw his families murder by pirates the say he wears an eye patch on his right eye because thats the eye that saw the entire death of his family and that the sight of his families murder is what created his hate for pirates then 10 years later the pirate era begun and croke was then overwhelmed with anger but then he found out about nico robin and that she is the only person in the world that can read poneglyph then he thought that he should find her so that she can help revive the ancient weapon to end the pirate era and kill all the pirates in the world but he searched for 15 years without luck then he decided to use the goverments strengh to capture her he was able to sneak into sengoku and was thought to be an assassin because of his devilish smile but then croke offered to join the world goverment in catching nico robin but without being a marine sengoku couldnt accept that offer but then he gotnews that the 3 admirals were being defeated by alpharess D crane sengoku thought to go there himself but then croke said if he captures or kills crane and his crew will he accept his offer sengoku had no choice so he agreed then croke took a small baot sailed to were the battle between crane and the 3 admirals he then stopped there fight and begun his croke was the victor he killed cranes crew and captured him then sengoku accepted his offer he was then known as the goverments secret weapon

Character DesignEdit

crokes look was inspired by dragons cloak and mystery and his personality is something that i made for croke

Major BattlesEdit

croke vs crane (won)


  • " if you want to fight me then you must have a death wish ill just kill you and laugh at your corpse"
  • "i am the one who will make you wish you never became a rotten pirate"
  • "if you want to fight that bad then you should prepare to die"

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