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Boku Boku no Mi, Model: Jiang Shi
Japanese Name: ミンイオンミンイオンの実,モデル
English Name: Minion Minion no Mi, Model: Jiang Shi
Meaning: Minion or Servant
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Jiang Chao

The Boku Boku no Mi, Model: Jiang Shi (ミンイオンミンイオンの実,モデル) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit in the user can transform those who they defeated and objects into a Jiang Shi. Boku coming from “Bokunakama” meaning “Minion or Servant” in both Viz Manga, and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Minion Minion no Mi, Model: Jiang Shi and it was eaten by Jiang Chao.


This fruit allows the user to turn inanimate objects and defeated opponents into Jiang Shis, depending on the size of the object the Jiang Shi's size will vary. This allows the user to create an army of Jiang Shi's through inanimate objects. For example, If he was to turn a rock into a Jiang Shi, said creature would be as strong as rock.

While if he were to use paper to create a Jiang Shi, said creature would be thin and easily broken like paper. In relatively simple terms the bigger the Jiang Shi, the harder it falls. The user has been seen to turn things the size of houses into Jiang Shis.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. There is also a minor side effect discovered throughout each minion minion fruit, The more people that are under the consumer's control and are stuck in the form, Then the more the user will form into the being that they turn the people into, for this fruit the more Jiang Shi's under the user, the more the user turns into a Jiang Shi as well. When the Jiang Shi's are freed and return to their original form then the user's form will also return to human, however the max capacity of minion's until full completion of transformation is 250 the number of actual minion's in control at once can vary from 10 to 10,000 depending on the user's actual mastery of the fruit.


Among the usages of this fruit seems to be considered one of the strongest of the Boku models because. The Jiang Chao are very good warriors, so the first usage is that the creatures the user creates is to use for battle. They seem to be on the levels of several different ranks of marines. Depending on a few factors, the first being what they are made from. The next being at just how much power the user will put into a minion, this was shown when Jiang Chao himself had created his creatures and sent them to fight smoker. These creatures were commented as his elite force, so as such Smoker himself have had a hard time in dealing with the 5 that the user had created.

The next use is that since Jiang Chao is starting to become more and more like these creatures, he has become an amazing fighter. His speed has increased and other attributes have raised up. To the point that he is able to become a fighter on the levels of Rob Lucci and other CP9 members. Chao has seemed to have shown to have a strange affect as well, since the Jiang Shi had fangs and claws as their main weapons. Chao is able to have this as well, which often seems to make other think that he uses a zoan type fruit. But he had commented that it is the power of one of the most dangerous Paramecia's in the world.

So Chao is able to user the teeth and claws to dig into an opponents, making it so much more destructive. Chao has shown to have a physic connections with each and everyone, this is how he is able to give orders through a mental command. So with this, he is able to see through the eyes of the Jiang Shi's and if mastered correctly he can even speak through them. So this is a good tool for stealth and keep an eye on others, which is why Chao seems to be on the level of knowledge as Doru is. As he often sends his Jiang Shi's out to spy on others and to keep an eye on Bap Regina to make sure she isn't getting into trouble as well.

Now with such a mastery, Chao has shown that he can return them back to their original form very easily. This has been shown, that Chao will have his Jiang Shi's jump into the air. Then he will return them to what they originally were and mostly blades and such, then with a snap. All of these blades came at an opponent and thus stabbing the opponents to death. Using the size of the Jiang Shi as well, however it is an odd ability but. Chao has created several Jiang Shi forms very small seeds and such, he can put these into others and acting like a virus. He can use this to affect opponent's bodies, to the point that he can get these tiny Jiang Shi in the heart and can kill an opponent from the inside out.


Examples of Jiang Shis Chao has created.

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