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Bonn Mamoru
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Mamoru
English Name: Mamoru
First Appearance: [[]]
Affiliations: Devil Spawn Pirates
Occupations: Sniper; Pirate
Japanese VA: Hiroki Yasumoto,
Michael Reisz (Young)
4kids English VA: Jamieson Price
Funi English VA: David Lodge (voice actor)
Age: 20 (debut)
22 (after timeskip
Birthday: April
Height: {{{height}}}
Bounty: Bsymbol10300,000,000
strong points:


Bonn Mamoru, simply known as Mamoru or his Bounty Hunter name Sharpshooter, is a 22 year old Sniper and former bounty hunter. He is the older brother to Bonn Keiko, former partner and best friend of Kenta, and the third member of the Devil Spawn Pirates. He is also the second to join the crew after Kenta.


Mamoru has shaggy white hair, along with a five o'clock shadow and colorless white eyes. He usually wears a red coat over his bare chest, and a pair of black pants and combat boots. he usually carries twin pistols in his belt, along with several small containers of bullets and small knives hidden in his coat, as well as in the large pockets of his pants. He also has a small heart locket around his neck. It is gold, and on the inside, it has a picture of his presumed-dead girlfriend Justine. It also has a message "To my Sharpshooter, with love. Justine"

After the timeskip, Mamoru wears a large brown shirt with a white scarf and a pair of dark brown slacks. He appears to smile more, though he still speaks little, and he still carries Justine's locket underneath his shirt.

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