Having a bounty is very important not only to a pirate but to everyone on this wiki. Everybody who joins will have a starting bounty of Bsymbol 0.

You can earn bounty in numerous ways and the more you have, the more recognition you get.

- Ways to earn bounty:Edit

  • Being elected a Yonkou will give you Bsymbol 500,000,000 bounty.
  • Being elected a Warlord will give you Bsymbol 300,000,000 bounty.
  • Being elected a Supernova gives you Bsymbol 100,000,000 bounty.

Other events that give you Bounty:-

We start off everyone with a bounty of zero. To raise your bounty, you must work very hard because it's no fun if you don't have to work for greatness. Making it hard to get bounty will also make sure that only a few individuals will have astronomically high bounties. Also, everybody who draws their characters needs to make themselves a wanted poster though this isn't compulsary.