Bully the Kid
English Name: Bully the Kid

Outlaw Pirates


Bully the Kid is the ship of the Outlaw Pirates. It was built by Mongo at an abandoned shipyard in West Blue.

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

Bully the Kid is a galleon built out of Adam Wood. It has paddle wheels on either side of the ship that propel it through the water at high speeds when the crew needs to move quickly. The main mast always has the crew's jolly roger flying at the top. The main sail also displays the crew's jolly roger. The cabin at the rear of the ship is designed to look like an Old West Saloon. Inside the cabin and below the deck, there are various rooms. These include the captain's quarters, the medical bay; where Holiday sleeps, the crew quarters; where the other crew members sleep, the kitchen, and the cargo hold. Bully the Kid has eight cannons on deck and six cannons below deck, as well as two hidden large caliber cannons at the front of the ship. Bully the Kid's figurehead is a longhorn steer, which is also where it gets its name from.

History Edit

Bully the Kid was envisioned by Mongo as his very own masterpiece. He spent all the money he had in order to buy all of the supplies he needed to build it. Not wanting anyone to steal the ideas he had for his masterpiece, Mongo found an abandoned shipyard in which to build it. After he finished building the ship, he was approached by Josie Young and the Outlaw Pirates. They asked if they could purchase the ship as they needed one before they could set off for the Grand Line. Not wanting to abandon his masterpiece, Mongo agreed to give Bully the Kid to the Outlaw Pirates if he could join them. Young agreed, welcoming both Mongo and Bully the Kid into his crew. Bully the Kid then became the official ship of the Outlaw Pirates.

Trivia Edit

  • Bully the Kid is a play on Billy the Kid, an outlaw in the Old West.

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