Buta Buta no Mi Model: Erymanthian
Japanese Name: ブタブタの未モデル: Erymanthian
English Name: Pig Pig Fruit Model Erymanthian
Meaning: Pig Pig Fruit Model: Erymanthian
First Appearance: N/A
Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by: Available

Buta Buta no Mi Model: Erymanthian gives the user the ability to partially or fully transform into an Erymanthian Boar.

Appearance Edit

The fruit is an orange colored pear, with a sporadic pattern of swirls covering the fruit.

Strengths Edit

In hybrid form, a human will have hugely increased physical capabilities, ranging from speed, strength, reflexes, and even agility, along with being covered by a pelt of hair that acts as a weak armor. Fully transformed, the user will resemble a giant boar. In this form mental capabilities are severely limited, but the user gains the ability to charge forward at formidable, becoming stronger as he or she gains momentum.

Weaknesses Edit

Changing to the fully transformed form exhausts the user due to constant charges forward. Once too tired, the user will lose the ability to transform at all, making them vulnerable to counterattacks. Besides that the user is susceptible to common devil fruit weaknesses.

Attacks Edit