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Japanese Name: 更紗キッド
Romanized Name: Kyarako Kiddo
English Name: Calico Kid
First Appearance: Chapter 553
Affiliations: The Skyline Pirates;
Eternal Pirates (former);
Ally of the Whitebeard Pirates (Former)
Occupations: Eternal Division Commander; Pirate; Captain (Former)
Epithet: Demon Eyes (鬼眼 Onime?);
Dark Prince (暗い王子 Akuouji?)
Japanese VA: Katsuyuki Konishi;
Masakazu Morita
4kids English VA: Jason Anthony Griffith
Funi English VA: Todd Haberkorn
Age: 19 (As A Rookie);
24 (Debut);
25 (after timeskip)
Birthday: December 25th (Christmas)
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyūbi no Kitsune
English Name: Mutt-Mutt Fruit Nine-Tailed Fox Model
Meaning: Nine-Tailed Fox
Type: Mythical Zoan

Calico Kidd (更紗キッド Kyarako Kiddo?), is an infamous New World pirate better known as the Ex-Captain of the Eternal Pirates, Demon Eyes (鬼眼 Onime?) and The current Commander of The Skyline Pirates Eternal Division, He was among the several New World pirates aiding the Whitebeard Pirates in saving Ace from execution by the World Government.

His dream is to Become a Bigger Legend than any Pirate King or to at least be on par with them and any other legendary Pirate. His Former bounty was Bsymbol10 496,000,000 stated by Sakazuki (サカズキ Sakazuki?), better known by his alias Admiral Akainu (大将赤犬 Taishō Akainu?) During the Battle of Marineford, and has since then risen to Bsymbol10500,000,000 after the two year time-skip.

Even before entering the New World he had a worldwide reputation for causing Destruction, among the Marines, committing actions that were deemed dangerous and reckless by the World Government. He has eaten the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyūbi no Kitsune.

Appearance Edit

Calico is a tall, athletic man with spiky shoulder-length black hair. His eyes are a very characteristic shade of blood red with dark and silted pupils, and he has very pail Skin. He normally keeps a orange and black Mask with distinctive flame patterns tied to his waist.

His trademark look is his Blood red eyes. He frequently wears Dark colored nail polish. He seems to be fond of of Knives as seen when ever he is introduced he is always carrying a pare of small knives some where on his body.

In his youth, Calico had long, spiky shoulder-length black hair with a blue tint. He also a high-collared short-sleeved black and red shirt with a zipper usually down to mid-chest, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional samurai sandals, He also wears blue wrist warmers.

As a teen he wore dark cloaks with a red interior, and a chin-high collar. wear black nail polish on his fingers and toenails, Black long pants tucked into black boot's

During the Battle of Marineford he wears a black short-sleeve top that tends to leave the collar of open., a pair of silver bracelets, and a pair of dark blueish/black pants along with a black robe with red interior. On his waist, he wears a thick silver belt with armour-like metal plates attached to, and a red strap going across his chest, where he carries his scythe.

After the two year timeskip, Calico's hair goes past her shoulders. His has grown noticeably taller and more muscular. He now wears a sleeveless Black shirt, Black pants with bandages at the ends with a Purple coat hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees, Held together by a Black and white sash tied around his waist. Black sandals and a pair of silver arm guards on his hands. He also appears to have gotten Paler, as he was a shade lighter before the timeskip. Calico has also apared gained a new scythe.

Calico resembles a Fox. I uses the color midnight blue to represent Him, he smells of Blood, and the flower that suits him best is the Deadly nightshade.


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