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Captain Lance
G.Follower Captain Lance
Japanese Name: ランスダニー
Romanized Name: Ransu Danī
English Name: Lance Danny
Debut: Lougetown Battle Royal! Looking for a new crew member Part 2
Affiliations: Gin Followers (Former); Marines (Former)
Occupations: Captain (Former)
Epithet: Reliable (頼もしい Tanomoshī?)
Age: 23 (Debut)
25 (after timeskip)
Status: Alive
Birthday: March 31st
Height: 175.2cm (5'9")

Lance Danny is a former Marine Captain and Gin Follower. He is also the older brother of Minverva. He was being controlled by Gin Castle, but was released from his control, but decided to retire being a Marine and starts a new life.


He wears a regular white button t-shirt with a black tie. Black pants and shoes.

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