Calvary Didier
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Age: 18(pretimeskip)20(posttimeskip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: B+
Birthdate: 4th August
Height: 1,95cm
Weight : 91kg
Island of Origin: Waklu IslandSouth Blue
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: Arrow Freak
Crew: (Knight Pirates),Jester Pirates
Position :Sniper/Shipwright
Family: Cavalry Family
Dream :To be the fastest shooter,

Cavalry Didier is one half of the Cavalry brothers. He is the son of Roger's era pirate Cavalry Sylvian. Didier is now the shipwright and sharpshooter for the Jester Pirates. Like Ajax his childhood friend join Jester Pirates from Knight Pirates. He rode on his horse Zee.


He wears like robin hood.Robin hood hat,green shirt and thight trousers.He have a tattoo at his backed of his neck.He has his bag of arrows on his right shoulder and a longbow on his left shoulder.


He is always smilling sinisterly even though nothing sinister about him.He never talk seriously.Therefore his crewmember would listen to him last.He could be comical at times as he blurt out random things especially when they're talking about serious staff.He have short concentration spent.As he is always distracted by something.The reason he blurt random thing all the time.He unlike his brother like to talk about future than present.He would always oppose what ever his brother says.Because of this when one is fixing the ship the other just look on or ignore so not to disoriented the ship.In fighting terms.He is always quick to draw out is weapon.He is alwats the first to draw out his weapon be it facing an opponent or someone new.



Despite being one of the first crew member of the Knight pirates.His opinion is always the last to be heard.The only one who probably show a little bit of interest in his opinion or ideas is Emmanuel and Subarashii.Even so.He is one of the more respected crew member.Especially to opponents or other people as his love for the crew and not let anyone else get hurt.Between his brother and him,the other crew member enjoy being with him rather than his brother.As he is serious during fight and party till u die when having fun kinda person.In other words.Happy-go-lucky when not serious.


Calvary SylvianEdit

Sylvian is his father.Growing up Didier have a knack on inventing stuff.He love to create bows,crossbow,guns and slingshots.Seeing how this particular son love to create weapons.Sylvian thought Didier how to shoot.Since his particular job as a pirate was a shipwright he thought both his sons to create and repair ships.Didier was thought more on the ships attacking capabilities,such as speed,canon use,etc.

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