Cavalry Emmanuel
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Age: 18(pretimeskip)20(posttimeskip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: B+
Birthdate: 4th August
Height: 1,97cm
Weight : 90kg
Island of Origin: South Blue
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: Ship Doctor.
Crew: (Knight Pirates),Jester Pirates
Position :Shipwright/Doctor
Family: Cavalry Family
Bounty: 45,678,900
Dream :To Cure every disease in the world

Cavalry Emmanuel is one half of the Cavalry brothers. He's the son of Roger's era pirate Cavalry Sylvian. Emmanuel is now the shipwright and Doctor for the Jester Pirates. Like Ajax ,he join Jester Pirates from Knight Pirates. He rides on his horse Jay.


He look almost like his twin.They wear similar cloths only different in color.He wears a red shirt and a darker red hood,lighter red thights and red shoes.He is depict as of hunters in the 12th century England.He wields a whip swords.And is always on his tuck to his belt on his left side.


He is one of the more reserved crew member.Always the one hearing others conversation only to share his comment after thoughtful thoughts.He is the only one that never argue or quarrel with his crewmembers except his own brother.As the one hearing or seeing things out.He is observant.At times correcting other mistakes all time.He is rather perceptive in this sense.Even though they constantly bicker.He is fond of his brother and always they one that give in and apologise first when they argue.Apart from Ajax and Elana he seems to have been able to read on situation and make him think one step of the others.

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