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Chakku Chakku no Mi
Name Chakku Chakku no Mi
Kanji チャックチャックの実
Romanji Chakku Chakku no Mi
Type Paramecia
Primary Ability Creation of zippers
User(s) Zakura Terui

The Chakku Chakku no Mi (チャックチャックの実, "Zipper Zipper Fruit") is a Paramecia Devil Fruit eaten by Zakura Terui. It allows the user to generate zippers.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The Chakku Chakku no Mi's special ability is to create zippers of any size upon anything which isn't organic, including the air itself. By doing this, the user is able to use zippers in any way they wish, as long as zippers are able to perform the act. While others have deemed this ability "utterly useless", the Chakku Chakku no Mi's ability is one of the most versatile Devil Fruit abilities there is. The user is able to apply zippers onto organic matter, though there is a two second delay upon generating the zipper, and doing so tires the user out quickly. The user is able to change the types of zippers they can generate; for instance, they can become impossibly sharp to cleave through almost anything, even human bodies up to and including the densest of materials.

Aside from this, the Chakku Chakku no Mi suffers the same Devil Fruit weaknesses as every other Devil Fruit.



Behind the ScenesEdit