The following story was done by Sliver leone lunar ingram 14 Enjoy :)


Jaden:Are we there yet?

Luna:Not yet Jaden.

Jaden:But I'm bored and my belly hurts.

(Luna walks up to Jaden and flicks his nose)

Jaden:OW! why did you do that?


Jaden:Luna how could you!


Jaden:NO I don't care.

Luna:You can be such a pain JADEN!!

Jaden:You yelled

Luna:Now i have your time look land

(Luna Points to land)

Jaden:Cool we will be their in no time hey Luna


Jaden:Are we their yet

Luna: no why

Jaden:Well i want to meet the wecome party

Luna:What do you

(Luna Turns around)

Luna:Gurds hmm i think they want to play what think Jaden

Jaden:Let's show them how we play

Luna:Where going to to turn the ship around

Jaden:It's not like you to back away from a changlle what are you up to

(Luna turns the ship around and hids it behind rocks with out being notcie)

Luna:Come on Jaden

Jaden:Time for a swim

Luna:No Grap the rope now look

(Luna throws the rope)

Luna:Make sure it tight around a rock Ready

Jaden:Let go cap

(They jump off the boat and pass throw the rocks Then the rope snaps)

Jaden:Did the rope just


(They fall and hit a small hay sact)

Jaden:I'm alive

Luna:Jaden look out


(Luna falls on top of Jaden)


Luna:You ok

Jaden:Get off me

(Luna jumps Off Jaden)

Gurds:WE have you now


Luna:I know Jaden Ready


(Luna and Jaden Pull out their swords Luna starts to change the gurd tryies to hit Luna but she jumps and knocks that gurd down from behind)

Jaden:Smoth moves

(Jaden blocks the gurds attack with his sword)

Jaden:This is easy

Luna:Dont get corckey Jaden

Jaden:Dont swelt it

(Just then a gurd come from behind and cut Jaden right leg)

Jaden:Whta OooOOoowwwWW!!


Jaden:Luna look out


(Luna starts to turn around as one of the gurd trys to cut her arm she trys to dodge but Luna arm got cut bad)

Luna:They got me good

(The gurds start to beat Luna and Jaden up)

Luna:That's it...

(Luna try's to get up as a gurd trys to behead her Luna quickly turns around and hits the gurd with her sword the gurd runs away saying he going to get the rest )

Luna:I cant....

(Luna faints and hits the ground laying pass out next to Jaden)

???:Oh their dont worry i will help you

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