By Silver leone lunar ingram 14Edit

Chapter 2 Call the DrEdit

(Luna sowly starts to come to)

Luna:(Where am I how did I get hear)

???:Oh your a wake

(A girl comes up to Luna)


(Luna trys to quickly get out of the bed)

???:None of that now unless you want to get your self killed. Your not fully recover yet

???:Yes so lay down and go back to bed it's late good night

(They leave the room)

Luna:(Where's Jaden i hope he ok)

(Luna starts to fall back asleep)

(Next day)

(Luna having a bad dream)

Luna:N..oo Dont please Stop

???:Oh my

(The girl starts to shake Luna)

Luna:I...I beg of you Pleasee STOP!

???:Wake up please

(Luna wakes up shakeing )


???:Hey you ok

Luna:Huh um yeah i think

???:You have been asleep all day

Luna:Where's Jaden


Luna:Please tell me

???:Oh you must be talking about the boy that was with you

Luna:Is he ok

???:His fine he still asleep but he should be awake soon by the way my name is Rose Flora i'm the nurse that found you so whats your name

Luna:My name is Luna

???:Is she awake yet

Rose:Yes Dr

???:Ok could you please sit up.

(Luna sits up )

???:Good ok my name is Dr Lancelot what's your name


Dr Lancelot:Good how many fingers am i holding up


Dr Lancelot:Good now you would be so kind to let me hear your heart beat


(Dr Lancelot hears Luna heart beat)

Dr Lancelot:Good you seem to have almost fully recover

Rose:Thats great

Luna:What about Jaden

Dr Lancelot: his been awake for a while now

Rose:Even better

Dr Lancelot:And his fine to you both were lucke that Rose found you.

(Knock knock)

Rose:I will answer it

(Rose leaves the room)

Rose:Who is it.

???:It's me Link

Rose:Oh Link come in

(Link comes in)

Link:Did you hear

Rose:Hear what?

Link:That their are pirates some where in Rock cover

Rose:Pirates! no way

Link:yes Waaay theirs two of them a boy and a girl

Rose:Uhh.. did you say a boy and a girl

Link:Yeah wait why Rose

Rose:Oh no reason

Dr.Lancelot you seem find Luna so maybe you go for a walk


(Luna walks out the door)

Link:Thats one of the Pirates



(Link runs and try to puch Luna Luna grabs his hand Link upper cut Luna Luna let's go of Link hand Luna kicks Link Link falls down)

Jaden:What's going on

Rose:Link Link! his out cold

Luna:Jaden let's go



Rose:Please dont go

Jaden:Where sorry about your friend but we have to go

Rose:Then i'm coming with you


Rose:You are still hurt and i can help

Dr.Lancelot:We help you and your pirates what do you think will happen to us.

Luna:But if you come with us you can be great use to us.

Dr.Lancelot:So do you agree.

Luna:Yes so you better do as your captain says.

Rose:Yes sir i mean mum i mean.

Luna:Let's go already.

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