Prediction made by LuffyPirateKing .

Ok this is my first one and i will try my best..:

Its called The Neptune Kingdom

Page 1:Outside the Kingdom

Luffy:Wooow it's Huuuuuuugeee

Usopp:So this is the famous Neptune Kingdom

Page 2:Inside the Kingdom

Netune:So thanks guys for saving my pet Megalo..He was missing for three days now..

Usopp:Emm No problem..

Nami:Woow so many treasures....

Neptune:Yes..I got them from my father and one day i will give them to my kids

Page 3:Arive in the living room


Usopp: Wow

Nami:It's beautiful...!

Robin(Sitting in the table):Hey guys

Page 4:

Luffy,Usopp,Nami: ROBIN.!!

Luffy: We are finally gathering agaaain

Usopp:Where is Zoro..Ohh and Franky.?

Robin:I dont know,we got separated in the current

Page 5:

Luffy:Well,I hope they are okay..

Usopp:Where are your sons?For a second i though they were going to capture us..

Neptune:They will be here in a second

Page 6:Neptune sons brought Sanji and Chopper


Nami:Sanjiii are you allright..?


Luffy:No dont look at heeer

Page 7:

Sanji:It's okay..My blood is fine now..Thanks

Usopp:Well they were the only ones who could give you blood..

Sanji:SHUT UUUUP!!!!

Page 8: Luffy:Anyway is great to have you back normal..So old man what do you want from us?

Neptune:Hohoho Nothing just to warn you guys about Hodi Jones

Usopp,Chopper:Hodi Jones??

Fukaboshi:Yeah he is a menace around here..And you should be carefull

Page 9:

Luffy:Don't worry,..Nobody can stop me now..

Neptune:Hoho okay,just be carefull

Nami:So whats going on with Big Mam around here?

Neptune:Well Big Mam is the savior of this island..We dont wanna see her angry side..

Page 10:Caribou sneaked in the Kingdom and he is watching them from a window

Caribou:Finally,I got you Straw Hat..You are so stupid to make me your enemy..Now you'll see


Caribou:(What..I've been spotted again?) <Run away>

Chopper: ......

Page 11:

Luffy:So where is your daughter Neptune?

Neptune:Ho ho i guess she is upstairs...

Luffy:Cool i wanna see her


Page 12:Back in the Noah

Dosun: What we will do next Captain?

Jones:Next my friends we will attack the Neptune Kingdom and show them for what we are capable off..

Daruma:Hahaha I'm ready to kill them..Hahaha

Icaros:Let's go then

Page 13:a waitor bring them food

Luffy:Woooooooooowww Meaaaaaaaaaaaattt


Sanji: Luffy wait to see my new cuisine..

Luffy:Caaaaaantt Waiiiiitttt

Page 14:eating

Luffy:This is very gooood

Nami:Will you guys show us the way to the New World?

Neptune:Suree.Are you ready kid?


Neptune:To go to the New World?


Page 15:Somewhere at the Fishman Island

Zoro:Where in the hell am I????They got lost again...Geezz..Hmmm i should go this way..Or that way??

THE END....Thanks for reading...My first one so it small and it sucks.!!

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