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Chapter 619. Title:Sea Forest

Cover:Cocoyashi Village..Nojiko smiling,is sneaking in Genzo's bedroom while he is sleeping and try to leave the newspaper in the table near him.

Page 1:

(Inside the Ryuuguu Palace the level of water is raising...)

Usopp:--Came out of the water amazed--Ugh,He won.!!Zoro won.!He defeated Hodi Jones..

'Brook':Yohohohoho thats brilliant..!

Neptune:How could he?Jones is pretty strong..

Crowd:--All amazed--What?Hodi Jones is defeated?

Page 2:

Zoro: --Jumps out of the water and take and exhale-- Ahhh finally some air..Phew,that was easy..With only one attack..

Usopp:Zoro,you did it..I was worried..He is a fishman,i thought he is strong in the water..

'Neptune:' --((He cant be defeated..Something seems really suspicious..))--

Crowd:Neptune-sama,the water..!!We need to do something..

Zoro: I have an idea..Usopp,Brook and old man keep your hands to your body..Dont move at all or else you will get cut..

Zoro: --He take his swords out and put one in the mouth-- Santoryu...

Page 3:

Zoro:Tatsu Maki.! --Zoro created a tornado coming from the water and blow those three in the air breaking the ceiling and let them get away--


Brook:I'm flying,Yohohoho.!!

Page 4:

(They are in the air after Zoro's attack)


---Hoe his whale is nearby and look worried---

Neptune:Oiii Hoe,catch us please.!

Usopp:I'm gonna be sick.!!

--They are riding Hoe--

'Neptune: 'Hoe,track Shirahoshi down..We need to find my daughter..

Page 5:

Zoro: --Smiling-- Hehe they're out..Phew,now is my turn to get out of here..

???=--A shadow is visible right below Zoro--

Zoro:Santoryu,Tatsu Maki --He is in mid air--.!

Zoro:-'-'Blood coming from his mouth--'Could it be?'

Page 6:

---This shadow is Jones and before Zoro got out,he jumps and bite him in his right shoulder--

Jones: --Still biting Zoro's shoulder-- Shahahahahahahaha,you though i was defeated..!!!You filthy human,your mine now..

--He took him back to the water.--

Zoro:--In the water with blood coming from his right shoulder,thinking--'Now,i've got to think something..But he is a fishman..Geez that hurts'

Page 7:

(Somewhere in the island Luffy,Sanji and Chopper are going to the Sea Forest with Shirahoshi)

'Luffy:' Yosh,i hope that creep doesnt follow us here..Maaan he is annoying

Shirahoshi:Hehe i know Luffy-sama..!

Chopper:Oi Sanjiii wake uup!!You keep fainting,i'm really pissed!!!Wake up!!!--He hits him in the head with Human Point--

--Also Nami with Keimi are shown heading to the Sea Forest--

Page 8:

(Sea Forest)

(Franky is seen holding Dosun from his head..Dosun is bleeding everywhere and he is defeated..)

Franky:I dont care who are you..But i dont like your attitude..

Jinbe:--Without turning his back,still sitting--So you are a Straw Hat..Right?

Franky:What?Yeah,do you know Luffy.?

Jinbe:Yeah..I'm waiting for him right now..I hope he got my message..Its something i need to tell him..

Franky:Oh he is coming here,great..Sunny is also ready to move.Right Den?

Den:Yes Franky..You and Iceburg did a hell of a job creating this ship..It can take you to the New World without any trouble..

Page 9:

(Somewhere in the island,Zeo and Daruma are riding two sea kings)

Zeo':'' Hell,where we should go now..I'm lost.We need to find and kill Jinbe..

Daruma:Kyah,kyah..Yes yes..His attitude was pretty bad..Who he think he is??Punching our captain..No worst,punching his brother like that and leave..! (A picture as a flashback of Jinbe with blood on his hand and Jones is down..Jinbe says 'Bastard..Your way of thinking is awful..Why are you hate humans so much)

Zeo:Enough...We shall destroy him..

Page 10:

(Finally,Shirahoshi and the others reach the Sea Forest)

Luffy:--From far away--Jiiiiiiiiiiinbeeeeeee.!!!

Jinbe:--Happy--Luffy-kun,you got my message.!

Luffy:Frankyy you are here too..

--They are still on Megalo and in the air.--


Jinbe:--Turns--Wh..What are you doing here?

Page 11:

(Big Mam and her crew is here..Big Mam is a very tall and big woman with fat lips and curly hair..He wears a t-shirt with a painted flower on it and short jeans with black boots.He is wielding a shotgun..Also beside her is her pet:Milo,he is a sheep.)

Big Mam:Tsaaasasasasa i'm here babies!!


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