Cheap Trick Cheap Trick Fruit
Japanese Name:

Kozaiku Kozaiku No Mi

English Name: Cheap Trick Cheap Trick Fruit
Meaning: Cheap Trick
First Appearance: No! that is my cheeseburger!!!!
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: ???


The Cheap Trick Cheap Trick Fruit allows the user to preform very lame tricks. Some of them are very random but effective.

Chicken Shapeshift: Allows the user to turn the target into a chicken

Banana Gun: Allows the user to fire a banana from their mouth

Corn Dog Stalker: Allows the user to make corn dogs follow the target

Disappear Trick: Allows the user to eat any target, and claim to have made it disappear.

I'm A Firin Mah cheeseburger: Allows the user to vomits Cheeseburgers in rapid succession at the target

Limp Body Trick: Allows the user to take a pistol and blow off the head of the target, thus making their body limp.


The user suffers the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, as well as fear of carrots.

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