Columbus Revised


Columbus is the captain and navigator of the No Destination Pirates.


Columbus is average in height and a little portly. He wears a purple shirt with poofy red, yellow and purple striped sleeves. He also wears black pants and black shoes. He has a round face and a fat nose and black, wavy hair. He also wears a tricorn hat with a red "X" on it.


Columbus is a confident, yet rash and dimwitted person. He claims to be an excellent navigator, however, his skills are less than lacking. Whenever he reaches an island it is generally by accident, and he often calls it whatever island he thinks it is, rather than the island it actually is. Because of this he often claims to have ventured to many famous islands, most of which he has never actually visited. Because of this, he often spouts off inaccurate facts about the islands he thinks he visits, to which most of his crew believes. He has an ambition to be a well known pirate and has decided to try his luck with getting on the good side of a shichibukai, Donquixote Doflamingo to be exact. Because of this, he has been trying to work his way into the slave trade in hopes to join him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Columbus is a fairly strong man who wields a giant hammer as a weapon. He has a terrible sense of direction and thus often uses attacks that can hit more than one area. This is also the reason why he uses a hammer the size that it is.
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  • Columbus is based off of the real life explorer Christopher Columbus. His lack of direction is a take on the fact that he accidentally discovered America, thinking it was India.

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