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Conman Pirates
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Main Ship:
Captain: Joudan
Total Bounty: Bsymbol


The Conman Pirates are one of the most cunning pirates the world has ever countered. Most of them rely on trickery in their battles and made it hard for their enemies to catch them even for the Marines.

Jolly RogerEdit

The crew's Jolly Roger is a depiction of a traditional skull with a big devious grin and is wearing a black sombrero in place of crossbones are guns that shoot out flags with the word, ""BANG" on them.

Crew MembersEdit

Captain: Joudan

1st Mate: Tekkan

2nd Mate: Jet Leek

Navigator/Detective: Lolo

Cook/Spy: Yaku

Shipwright/Explosive Expert: Donburi

Thief: Berri

Artist/Musician/Performer: Noh

Doctor/Bartender: Kyouki

Lookout: Kouko


Joudan: Bsymbol305,000,000

Tekkan: Bsymbol

Jet Leek: Bsymbol

Lolo: Bsymbol

Yaku: Bsymbol

Donburi: Bsymbol

Berri: Bsymbol

Noh: Bsymbol

Kyouki: Bsymbol

Kouko: Bsymbol

Relations Amongst the CrewEdit

Crew StrengthEdit


Allies and Traveling CompanionsEdit

Guddo Rakku


Jet Leek


Locations VisitedEdit



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