(on the Red Dagger, sailing the North Blue)

Swamp Fox: This boat is getting annoying.

Jack: What do you mean?

Swamp Fox: It's so small! I'm like three feet away from you and Dorsalo.

Dorsalo: I know what you mean. I'm not claustrophobic, but it's kinda cramped now with this big treasure chest.

Jack: Don't worry, as soon as we reach land we'll buy a ship.

Swamp Fox: If we're lucky.....The last island we went to had no towns or ports. What makes you think we'll find an inhabited island?

Jack: I just have a feeling we will. Trust me!

Dorsalo: What's the sound?

Swamp Fox: I don't hear anything.

Jack: Me neither.

Dorsalo: It sounds like something is creaking.

Jack: It's probably just the boat.

Swamp Fox: Whoah, why am I lower than you guys? (Swamp Fox, who is sitting in the back of the boat with the treasure, is lower than Dorsalo and Jack)

Dorsalo: The treasure chest is weighing down the boat?

Jack: I'll move it! (he tries to slide the chest, but it falls back, causing the boat to tilt)

Dorsalo: We're going to capsize!

Swamp Fox: Oh shoot........ (the boat flips, and the pirates tread water, the chest floating next to them)

Jack: I'm sinking! (he goes down underwater)

Dorsalo: Don't worry captain! (he dives down and brings Jack back to the surface) Okay, this is bad, we need to find land soon.

Swamp Fox: Hey look a ship! (a marine ship comes by)

Swasbuckling Pirates: HELP HELP! WE'RE DROWNING (a rope ladder swings down from the ship)

Marine: Climb aboard. (The Swashbuckling Pirates climb aboard with the treasure to face about ffity marines)

Jack: This isn't good.

Marine: My name is Captain Stryker, and I place you all under arrest.

Dorsalo: How does he know about us. (Stryker holds up three wanted posters)

Stryker: After hearing about your adventures on Arctic Island, Apueblo Island, and Dabloon Island, we decided that you three are noteworthy pirates and you all now have bounties. (he points at them one by one)

Stryker: Risk Taker Jack Gamble, for being captain of the Swashbuckling Pirates, stealing a slave from Celestial Dragon allies, and defeating Yellow Jacket and Captain Gonzo, your bounty is 25,000,000.


Stryker: Then there is second in command, Sword Nose Dorsalo with a bounty of 15 million for escaping slavery and defeating Rocky of the Avalanche Pirates

Dorsalo: Sword Nose is the best they could come up with? Oh well.

Strykers: And last, Apache Swamp Fox, you have a bounty of 5 million beli for joining these two and assisting Sword Nose in the defeat of Captain Rocky.

Swamp Fox: Mine is the lowest......Oh well I'll try to become better!

Stryker: Now if you hand over that treasure, I'll shorten your sentence in Impel 100 years!

Jack: Never!

Stryker (drawing his sword): Then prepare to die!


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