Crooked Republic of Scholars Logo

Crooked Republic of Scholars Logo

Crooked Island is an island located in the Grand Line. This island is famous for its scholars. This is the home island of B. T. Wellington and the Crook Pirates.


Crooked Island is very unique in that the island is actually tilted about 10 degrees from the water. So the eastern side of the island is above the water creating a cliff, and the western side is sunken into the sea. Despite this, the buildings are built as if the island were completely level. Most of the island is town, with a small wooded area to the north. The east and south sides of the island are mostly designated to the schools and government, while the west and part of the north is mostly civilian.


The island is a place of acedemia and is thus made up mostly of scholars and is so governed by them. The heads of the acidemic departments in each area join together to create a representative assembly to form the Crooked Republic of Scholars. Under the leadership of Dacre Rowe the government became the Scholastic Empire of Crooked Island.


The citizens of Crooked Island are all scholars. They all attend school starting at the age of 5 and at the age of 25, they would have 10 years of general education and 10 years of a specific area. The most unique aspect of the culture is the pronounciation of the island. Where the world pronounces it krookid, the citizens pronounce it krookd. It is also known to the world to be called Crooked (krookid) Island because the island is physically crooked. However, the people believe it to be called Crooked (krookd) Island because they were robbed of their grace and balance when walking on the island. In recent years, the island has had some competition with Daigakun Island. Both islands, being focused on acedemia, have unintentionally created a rivalry seeing which can produce the best students.



  • The name of the government under the leadership of Dacre Rowe, the Scholastic Empire of Crooked Island, is an accidental reference to Star Wars' Galactic Empire.

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