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They are a crew of eight. Even though they are small crew they are extremely powerful crew. The Cutter pirates are a crew,except Flare, who would rather not get involved in things that is not there business. The usually get involved because of their captain or their friends get hurt or abducted. Even though they can act somewhat harsh to each other they love each other like a family. They will do anything to make sure that one survives even it means their own death. Examples are when a pack of giant rats were chasing them Sean was willing to stay to behind to save them by holding them off. The only reason he survived is because he of the screech of the Giant eagle, their natural predator, was heard overhead. They are powerful in their own right. The only reason they were running from the giant rats because Flare, Kandi, and Mainer were all in critical condition and their doctor , Leonardo, was guarding their ship. If they were not in critical condition they would have stop and fought.


This list is in order of joining Jean D."Cutter" Flare:Captain Kauzha "Blade" Sean": swordsman "Nice Girl" Kandi: navigator "Happy" Mainer: Shipwright "sleepy" Leonardo:doctor "White Arms" Buddy:Cook "Dead eyes" Honey:Musician "Red eye" George:historian


The crew were inhabitants of a chain of island in the grand line. They all met and grew up there. Soon they all took different paths since each island had their own profession that each inhabitant must take up. Jean , who was always one for adventure, asked each of them when they were all 20 to join him on the high seas and become pirates. Since then they have been travel ling and enjoying many adventures.


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