(aboard the Red Dagger)

Dorsalo: Yo, Fox. You got a cure for boredom?

Swamp Fox: Sorry, I can't perscribe you. Unless you want to play cards?

Dorsalo: No, I'm sick of losing to Jack over here.

Jack: hehehe, I'm a card shark. Dorsalo, you're not even a shark.

Dorsalo: Yeah I guess humans beat swordfish at cards.

Swamp Fox: Well there's an island, thank god.

Jack: NOICE Adventure time.

Swamp Fox: Hmmm I think we got lucky.

Dorsalo: Why is that?

Swamp Fox: That looks like the legendary Dabloon Island.

Jack: Really? That's awesome! Now we can buy a ship!

Dorsalo: Okay, what are you two talking about?

Swamp Fox: Well I guess you don't know since you're not from North Blue, but Dabloon Island supposedly has a great treasure burried by Whitebeard himself.

Dorsalo: Whitebeard? Wow, so if we find this treasure we can sell it and buy a ship!


Dorsalo: Well then why aren't we there already? (he jumps out of the boat and starts pushing it towards land)

Swamp Fox: Why didn't he do this all along.

Dorsalo: Because I'm the swordsman, not motor. Now stop distracting me!

(they reach land in a matter of minutes. Jack runs of yelling)

Jack: Treasure! Treasure! Treasure!

Swamp Fox: Oi! Come back here!

Dorsalo: No one can stop him once he's driven like that. Come on, we'd better search other parts of the island for this treasure.

Swamp Fox: Sounds good, we could make it a competition to see who finds it first, kinda like a game.

Dorsalo: Well it looks like we may have some competitors. (he points off into the distance. A ship flying a Jolly Roger)

Swamp Fox: Bring it on.


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