(Dabloon Island, in the middle of a jungle)

Jack: Treasure! Treasure! Treasure! Wow I'm tired of running. (he looks around)

Jack: I probably should've brought a shovel. (he starts trying to dig at the ground with bare hands)

Jack: That won't do. I realy do need a shovel. (several pirates suddenly walk by, carrying shovels)

Jack: Hey I'm gonna borrow this! (he takes the shovel and runs off with it)

Pirate 1: Hey come back here! (they chase after him)

Jack: I'm trying to find a treasure, you guys can get back to your gardening.

Pirate 2: Gardening? These shovels are for digging up treasure you moron.

Pirate 1: Wait a sec....This guy is after the treasure too? He must be stopped.

Jack: Later! (he takes off sprinting, the pirates fall behind)

Jack (digging): Where is it? Where is it? If X marks the spot how come there are no X's! (a man is standing nearby)

Man: Hello? Who are you?

Jack: Oh hey, didn't notice you.

Man: So you're looking for the burried treasure too? Maybe you can help me find it.

Jack: Uhhhhhh well if it's big enough I guess we could split it fifty fifty.

Man: Sounds good. Let's start digging. (the man is strong and digs deep holes with his shovel. Jack helps him for awhile)

Jack: I don't think it's here, we should try another area.

Man: Okay. (the pirates from before run up)

Pirate 1: It's him again.

Man: Him?

Pirate 2: This punk stole one of our shovels and ran off with it. He's loooking for the treasure too.

Jack (to the man): You know these guys?

Man: My name is Captain Gonzo, and these are men, the Gonzo Pirates.

Jack: Awww crap.... (Gonzo points a gun at Jack)

Gonzo: I'm sure we can work something out.


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