(Dabloon Island, along the beach, the ship in the background gets closer and closer)

Dorsalo: Swordfish Drill! (Dorsalo spins around so his nose is like a drill, and burries into the ground)

Swamp Fox: Well that's great.

Dorsalo: What?

Swamp Fox: Uhhh your nose isn't really built for shoveling.

Dorsalo: Well what else do you have in mind.

Swamp Fox: Well.........Apache Shovel! (Fox holds up an arrow with a shovel attached to it)

Dorsalo: Why would you ever need that?

Swamp Fox: Uhhh incase i ever fight evil sand monsters. DUH

Dorsalo: Whatever, let's start digging.

Swamp Fox: I've only got one shovel.

Dorsalo: Well that sucks. Hmmm that ship is getting closer and closer. How about I go investigate?

Swamp Fox: Alright, later. (Dorsalo leaps in the water and starts swimming off)

Dorsalo: Okay who are these bastards........ (he climbs the side of the ship and eavesdrops)

Rocky: Are you ready crew?

Crew: Aye aye, Captain Rocky!

Dorsalo: Oh great, another pirate.

Rocky: We need to get that treasure before that thieving Gonzo.

Dorsalo: I spoke too soon...............

First Mate: Shall we head to shore?

Dorsalo: NO no no no nonono no no no. My treasure. (he leaps up on deck)

Rocky: Who are you?

Dorsalo: Who are you?

Rocky: I asked you first.

Dorslalo: Dorsalo the fishman.

Rocky: Never heard of you. I am Captain Rocky of the Avalanche Pirates. I have a bounty of 13 million beli!

Dorsalo: "Never heard of you"

Rocky: Well how about I show you a taste of my powers?

Dorsalo: Bring it!

Rocky: 'Diamond Punch' (Rocky lunges forward and punches Dorsalo)

Dorsalo: Ouch! What are those, brass knuckles?

Rocky (flexing his hands): They're made of diamond actually, the harded natural substance in the world.

Dorsalo: More hardheaded than me? Good one. Swordfish Drill!

Rocky: Argh! What kind of cheap move is that?

Dorsalo: What kind of cheap move is acting tough because you have diamonds on your hands. I got legit strength, big boy.

Rocky: Shut up! Diamond Bullet! (several diamonds shoot out from his hands, Dorsalo dodges out of the way)

Dorsalo: Okay this is getting a little unfair here.

Rocky: That's what you get for being cocky. Diamond Bullet! (he shoots several more, causing Dorsalo to leap backwards off of the ship.

Dorsalo: Seeya later, aligator. (he swims off towards shore)

Swamp Fox: What took you so long?

Dorsalo: We got trouble.

Swamp Fox: Pirates?

Dorsalo: Yup.

Swamp Fox: You needed my help didn't you.

Dorsalo: (mumble)

Swamp Fox: What?

Dorsalo: (mumble)

Swamp Fox: I still can't hear you.

Dorsalo: Maybe.....

Swamp Fox: Well once he steps foot on land we'll stop him. Sound good?

Dorsalo: I can't wait.


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