Dacre Rowe Color

Dacre Rowe

Dacre Rowe is the man who took control of the Crooked Republic of Scholars, creating the Scholactic Empire of Crooked Island.


Dacre is average in height and a little skinny. He has tall, spiked, black hair. He wears a white V-cut long sleeve shirt, white pants and white shoes. He wears a thick pair of black glass and usually wears white gloves. He also sports a white cape with a gold clasp, mostly because he feels it makes him look cool.


Dacre is a highly intelligent, arrogantly confident, and politely insulting person. He views his genius intelligence as a gift that people should admire and because of it he deserves nothing short of the best. This is partially due to his upbringing, where he was viewed as a prodigy and was treated as such, recieving only the best. He has something of a god complex because of it, and believes that he is capable of anything. Because of his upbringing and complex, he also looks down on almost everyone and feels they are all below him and often insults them. However, being a figure in the public eye, he has learned to disquise his insults as compliments, thus making him seem like a nice person. He is also very interested in fashion, as he feels that "the clothes make the man." He feels that a man of his caliber should be drapped in pure white. He also sees a cape as a symbol of coolness, and thus he wears a cape at all times.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being extremely intelligent, Dacre uses this to his advantage in battle. He uses formulas and calculations to attack his enemies at precise points and can usually calculate what his opponent will do next. His weapon of choice is a very thin sword that has several notches in it. These notches are used to measure the distance from cetain points so he can calculate the best next move. The sword also has two points facing outwards instead of creating a point at the end.


Dacre was born on Crooked Island. At a young age he was known to be a genius and was treated as such. He attended school and was always the head of his class. When it was time for him to choose his major, he decided to double major in physics and military stragegy. He was the first person in Crooked Island history to take on a double major, especially two that have so little to do with each other.

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