Daigakun Island is an island located in the Grand Line. This island is famous for the fact that the entire island is home to the largest university in the world. It is also the home of Orpheus Marauder and Wolfgang Schubert.


Daigakun Island is a large, pentagonal shaped island. The island is mostly a plain with a few small hills here and there. There are many buildings scattered around the island, each with their own unique style. There are also a few small parks around the island, as well as a medium sized forest in the south west corner.

Notable LocationsEdit

Peadobby Institute of Music

Bartenit Culinary School

Ushai Institute of Sciences


The island is governed by the deans of each school. The deans can never decide upon one dean for the whole island, each considering themselves and their respective school to be most important, creating a mild chaos in the system.


The island, being one large university, is unique that there is no true professional institutes, besides the school. Every shop, restaurant, or business are "projects" ran by the students and teachers. This is one of the few times the schools work together, often without even realizing it. In a restaurant, the business majors manage the store, while the culinary arts majors, provide the food and service. Thought the island is not large, many of the buildings look nothing like each other. This is because when each school was built, each wanted to have its own look and wanted to reflect it's own specialty and characteristics. For example, the School of Business is a large skyscraper, the School of Culinary Arts is designed to look like a chef's hat, and the School of Mathamatics is a large black and white cube. In more recent years, the island has had some competition between it and Crooked Island. Both being, being focused on acedemia, have unintentionally created a rivaly to see which can produce the best students.

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