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"I cherish all my comrades no matter what, even if they leave us, they are still family.. However I follow absolute justice.. I won't refrain to kill family. - Daina"
Japanese Name: ぇく
Romanized Name: Daina
English Name: Dinah
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Marine, Vice Admiral
Epithet: Amaikira (あまいきら, Amaikira,?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 41
Birthday: January 24
Height: 15'5
strong points:


Daina (ぇく Daina?) Is currently a Three Star Officer as well as a Commodore in the Marines, and the assistant of Itenka. Diana is also a Mermaid/Human hybrid as well as being one of the Junishin under the code name "Sheep".


Daina wears a knee-high dark dress coat which is adorned with four, symmetrically placed, light-colored buttons on the chest. The coat is garnished with fur trimmings around her sleeve cuffs and neck. Daina wears a matching, dark, Russian-style hat, stylized with a light-colored butterfly clip, which, in itself, is attached to the fur trimming garnishing her hat. Daina completes her outfit by fastening a light brown belt around her waist and wearing complimenting, dark brown, thigh-high boots. She has long blue hair that falls past her shoulders.


Daina is very kind and polite, usually keeping Corvus in check when he gets out of hand (which is rarely). She sees all of the marines as friends, but her group of friends as family. She cherishes these things above all else, and strives to protect and help the marines. Daina does beleive in Absolute Justice to the end. When the subject comes up, she changes into a colder version of herself, that is ready to kill.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Daina is heavily reliant on her martial arts. She does however show exceptional close range combat skills, but is much better in mid ranged. Her looks deceive her actuall strength. She is able to take down a huge man in a few seconds and break their arms. Under water she uses Merman Combat, above water she uses Ichi Kenpo.


As a Rear Admiral Daina shows exceptional signs of strength. Especially with her hand to hand combat Ichi Kenpo. She also shows enough physical strength to easily dent a massive steel door with a punch to the middle, (the latter of which shattering it).

Ichi KenpoEdit

Daina is a practitioner of Ichi Kenpo, and Master of Sui Kenpo, using these water based attacks along with Corvus's lightning to deal fatal blows. She also is highly acceptional In the area of hand to hand combat, showing much prowess.

Merman CombatEdit

Daina as a Merman human hybrid, shows exceptional, prowess at merman combat. She is highly exceptional at using it underwater as well as above land die to her unique physiology.


Daina shows much speed in her fights as wells as agility. She can flip over large men, dodge fast women and attacks. As well as kick down the fastest of foes by tracking them. Diana shows much more speed underwater than she does above water. As a Human/Mermaid Hybrid, she gained the ability of underwater breathing as well as super speed underwater.


Busoshoku HakiEdit

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit









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