Dangan Dangan no mi

BIG gun
Japanese Name: 弾丸弾丸
English Name: Bullet Bullet Fruit
Meaning: Bullet
Type: Paramecia
Power: Turn any part of body into a gun
Eaten By: Sharpshooter
Creator: Roronoa Senshi


The Bullet Bullet Fruit is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn any part of their body into a gun. It was eaten by Sharpshooter of the Devil Spawn Pirates.


The fruit looked vaguely life a cactus fruit, only smokey gray with red swirls. Sharpshooter described its taste, saying it tasted like rotten cabbage.


This fruit allows the user to turn any part of their body into a gun.

Sharpshooter uses it for self defense, shooting down his enemies wit


The users body is as tough as steel and any part of the body can be turned into a weapon. Also, the user's eyes can zoom in like a scoping lens on a gun. they can see up to 50 miles away and shoot that far too. The guns never run out of ammo, allowing for a nearly endless run of bullets.


Aside from the usual Devil Fruit weaknesses, the user is very susceptible to a change in temperature change. In cold and snowy weather, they freeze up and can barely move, plus their bodies are more brittle and the possibility of breaking them is very high. In warm temperatures however, the user is fine and can move around much easier.

While he does not run out of bullets, the process of making bullets takes a little bit of energy. The more bullets he fires, the more tired he gets. Also, if he fires too often, it is possible that he could over heat.



Sharpshooter turns his hands into pistols.


Sharpshooter hand combine both of his arms to create a large cannon. He can also turn each of his legs into dual cannons

Sniper ModeEdit

He turns into a rifle for ten minutes while someone fires him. While in this form, he can neither speak, nor communicate, save for adjustments in the scope.

Scope EyesEdit

Eyes become scopes, and work like binoculars.


  • Sharpshooter was 2 when he ate this fruit.
  • He found it in the desert.

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