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Age: 27

Species: human
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: 6'5
Weight: 5'5
Island of Origin: 2nd half of the grand line
Occupation: pirate

Epithet: "the red armory"

Crew: alpharess pirates
Position: swordsman, sniper, first mate
Family: none
Current Bounty: 200,000,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: 100,000,000

Reason: destroyed 4 marine ships by himself

2nd bounty: 150,000,000

reason: shot down the world goverment flag that was on a world goverment ship

3rd bounty: 200,000,000

reason: killing 3 rear admirals at once

Dream: To be able to fight the strongest swordsman that are in the world
Page created by: highestbounty123

Dante is pirate from the new world he is also the 9th member of the Alpharess Pirates and the only one from the 2nd half of the grand line and the only one that knew ivan in his 2 years after his first bounty, Dante is also one of the top fighters of the crew.


Dante is a muscular normal height man with short blonde hair and blue eyes, He wears a red duster with a black 'X' on the back of the duster, A black shirt under it with black fingerless gloves, He wears black pants with white linings on the legs and black shoes, He has two swords that he puts on his back.


Dante is a carefree person and slightly a jerk, As he likes to show off his skills alot infront of a large crowd, He also lacks some intelligent for how he isnt very smart and doenst do calculations or anything else in the crew.

Dante is also very presistent to help his friends or other people in any way he can.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Dante has incredible mastery with swordsmanship he also apears to know one Nitoryu technique which is Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon, its unknown if Dante knows any other techniques yet he is very skilled with his dual swords.


dante is a very skilled marksman who can shoot down enemies or objects that are atleast 7 miles away

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Dante doesnt fight unarmed very much yet he sometimes kicks his enemies aside to push them back.

Physical StrengthEdit

Dante has incredible strength lifting a part of a building with both his arms and with not alot of effort.


dante is very fast and can dodge nearly any attack that comes at him


Dante has superhuman endurance


Dante has many weapons hidden under his duster with only his two swords being seen, He has different guns and bombs under his duster which he uses in battle.


Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King


dante knew ivan he met him 2 years after his 1st bounty he was impressed by him having a bounty like that after only doing one crime the same dante got his bounty by destroying 4 battleships on his own and said that ivan would never have a bounty higher than him they both then became friends and went there seperate ways after a while after 5 years dante was shocked by ivans bounty and decided to join him when he found ivan he was surprised he already gathered a crew he then called ivan he reconized dante and asked him hows he doing dante said he wanted to join ivan the said why should after he siad hed never have a higher bounty than him dante than apologizad and asked to join again ivan the said he was only kidding and he can join dante was then the 9th member of the crew

Major BattlesEdit

dante vs 3 rear admirals (won)

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