Devin Rain is the twin brother of Melvin Rain, although they don't know it from eachother. He was left in a cradle and was found in front of a Marine base. He was found by Stephan Rowdall, a chef on the Marine base. He brought up Melvin and he taught him his cooking skills. When he learned to use gun, he accidentally killed his foster father. Out of regret, he turned into pirate. He created a pirate crew and was captain. After getting his crew from the West Blue to the Grand Line, they were in a naval battle with Thomace Billow. His ship was sunk by the Marines and he died because he couldn't swim because of his unknown Devil Fruit. It was stated by Billow that Rain could foresee his attacks, implying Haki. He was capable of using Superhuman Strength and that of Superhuman Speed.

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