Dino Dino no Mi, Model: Diplodocus
Japanese Name: ディノディノなしミ、モデル:ディプロドクス
English Name: Dino-Dino Fruit, Model: Diplodocus
Meaning: Dinosaur
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Ancient Zoan
Eaten by: Gaston D. Armand

The Dino Dino no Mi, Model: Diplodocus is an Ancient Zoan type Devil Fruit eaten by Marine Vice Admiral Gaston D. Armand. It gives the the user the ability to transform into a Diplodocus(Ancient Dinosaur similar to the Brontosaurus).


The Dino Dino no mi, model: Diplodocus has an outer surface color of purple and has a swirled pattern. The inside is a juicy green also swirled.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Like many Zoan Devil Fruit users the person with this Devil Fruits power most likely would choose hybrid form to fight their opponents but has many other abilities .The various strengths and weaknesses are shown below:

Human Form:Strength is higher than a normal human and attacks carry more damage. 

Hybrid Form:The user is slightly taller, has a longer neck, a tail ,and has stronger durable skin That cannot be cut or damaged by weak and even some strong opponents. Features are extremely noticeable. Reach, power, and speed is doubled. The most common used form in Zoan type Devil Fruit users because they have the capabilities to find hand to hand with someone while at a slight advantage in power. Armand is able to both fight in short-range combat and long-range combat thanks to the longer reach. The Hybrid form is the deadliest form out of the three because it has little weaknesses and strengthens the users body.

Full Diplodocus Form: The users Raw power is is more than tripled to a point of mass destruction. The downside of this form is that mobility, and speed is decreased. The user is more susceptible to attacks due to the fact that he is now the size of a massive dinosaur.Also, Full transformation around water is highly dangerous due to his size. It will be easier to fall into the ocean and sink because of his size and weight. Despite these weaknesses that would discourage the user not to fully transform, Armand has become quite skilled in using this ability to his advantage.

The Most obvious Weakness is the Consequence of eating a Devil Fruit.The User becomes an anchor in the water.